24 Hour Emergency Service Hotline
 (941) 365-6823

Do you have problems with illegally parked vehicles on your property? We can help!

We can keep your parking areas cleaner and safer by removing unsafe and eyesore vehicles. Flat tires, leaking fluids, blocking fire lanes, parking on landscaping, "For Sale" vehicles, abandonded vehicles, whatever your problems are, we can develop a custom solution just for your needs.

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From residential homes to commercial property and apartment buildings, we can remove unauthorized vehicles 24 hours a day. We also haul junk, scrap or abandoned cars also:
Completely free of charge!

Parking Permits
Visitor Passes
Violation Stickers

We can provide:

24 Hour Patrols
Detailed Parking Reports
Free Consultation

24 Hour Emergency Service Hotline
 (941) 365-6823